Mercer X Renovation

In 2023 The Mercer XLab received funding to begin renovating the Mercerlab. 

The Mercer X Renovation extends the Mercer XLab in both space and functionality to include a Storefront/Helpdesk, reconfigurable tables, reconfigurable workbenches, and a PCB printing suite.

The Mercer X Clubhouse is just across the hallway from the Mercer XLab. It’s an intentional space for affiliated clubs, electronic storage, space for student-led or industry-led workshops, and a place for clubs to convene together for discussions to multiply the possibilities for growth and success. Synergy between curricular and co-curricular activities will be nurtured by this shared space.

Floorplan of the temporary location of Mercer XLab in JEC 6215 Mercer XLab

Floorplan thumbnail
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